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RAIFFEISEN 34 (Projet)
RAIFFEISEN 34 (Projet)

Boulevard F.W. Raiffeisen 34

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    To Let
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    14.700 m2
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Clémence Lett

RAIFFEISEN 34 (Projet)

A new landmark building overlooking Luxembourg's new southern gateway.

An elegant and characterful architecture with a distinctive warmly-toned stone façade. The smooth, modulated façade with deep reveals provides a passive shading to minimise solar gain, whilst allowing excellent views and day-lighting.

Designed by Bureaux Andrew Philips.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
13Polyvalent space800 m2
12Offices1.170 m2
11Offices1.170 m2
10Offices1.170 m2
9Offices1.170 m2
8Offices1.170 m2
7Offices1.170 m2
6Offices1.170 m2
5Offices1.170 m2
4Offices1.170 m2
3Offices1.170 m2
2Offices1.170 m2
1Restaurant1.030 m2
-1Archives3.000 m2
-1Parking Parking57 spots
-2Parking Parking30 spots


  • Conference room
  • False ceilings
  • Goods lift
  • Lifts
  • Reception


404, route d’Esch
1471 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
+352 26 26 12
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