Office space to let | MUNSBACH | 20.048 m2


Rue Gabriel Lippmann 10
Property type
To let
Unit type
20.048 m2
Lisa Gaspari
Account Manager
Lisa Gaspari
Account Manager

Office space to let | MUNSBACH | 20.048 m2

The project De Sirpark will offer, at the delivery, approximately 20.000 sqm. of office space.

The surfaces will be distributed over two buildings of 4 storeys each, connected by vaste and open exterior spaces, that will offer the occupants a relaxing green environment.
For more information, please contact the person in charge, Lisa Gaspari, who will be happy to help you.


Floor Unit type Floor area (M²)
2 Office 545 m2
2 Office 768 m2
1 Office 1.370 m2
1 Office 1.194 m2
1 Office 1.042 m2
1 Office 843 m2
REZ-DE-JARDIN Parking 93
REZ-DE-JARDIN Parking 157
GF Office 1.753 m2
GF Office 906 m2
GF Office 1.276 m2
GF Office 3.028 m2
ENTRESOL Office 1.083 m2
ENTRESOL Office 1.914 m2
ENTRESOL Office 888 m2
ENTRESOL Office 2.845 m2
REZ-DE-JARDIN Office 593 m2
-1 Parking 159
-1 Parking 124