Office space to let | BERTRANGE | 7.085 m2


Rue du Puits Romain 23-35
Property type
To let
Unit type
7.085 m2
Lisa Gaspari
Account Manager
Lisa Gaspari
Account Manager

Office space to let | BERTRANGE | 7.085 m2

Atrium Business Park is a very special working place offering a social environment with a series of services, which will make the life of employees easier. Atrium Business Park has many advantages. With five times more parking space as most of the office buildings in the City of Luxembourg, its location is central and easily accessible.

Office space is user-friendly, efficient and modular, equipped with state-of-the-art technology for comfort and energy saving together with a high flexibility for space design.

Among the several services available in the complex, the occupants will find a restaurant, a brasserie and a snack-shop. A children day care center and a concierge service are also available.

Parking ratio: 1/35m²
Avance sur charges communes: 4€/m²/mois
For more information, please contact the person in charge, Lisa Gaspari, who will be happy to help you.


External sun blinds
False ceilings
Raised floor


Floor Unit type Floor area (M²)
1.1.B bis
1 Office 890 m2
GF Office 227 m2
Lounge 2
GF Office 214 m2
Lounge 5
GF Office 291 m2
2 Office 1.901 m2
1 Office 2.625 m2
1 Office 510 m2
1 Office 427 m2
-1 Archives 60 m2
-2 Archives 111 m2
-2 Parking 40
-3 Archives 361 m2
-3 Parking 75